Builder's Guides

Get digital versions of the guides that come with the starter sets – just click the links below for these handy resources.

TETRIX PRIME Builder's Guide

TETRIX PRIME Expansion Set Builder's Guide (zipped file)

TETRIX MAX R/C Builder's Guide (large file)

TETRIX MAX Expansion Set Builder's Guide (download a zipped PDF)

Teaching Resources


TETRIX PRIME Robotics: Remote Control STEM Unit

Ideal for introducing students to robotics, this three-week unit focuses on remote control robots robotics and comes with the materials for a class of 24 students.


The next step in robotics is programmable robots, so this three-week unit delves into that while still using the easy-to-use PRIME system.

TETRIX PRIME Robotics: Automation Manufacturing STEM Unit

In this three-week unit, students take the knowledge from the previous two STEM units to learn how to apply robotics to the very real world of manufacturing.

For MAX:

Robotics Engineering – Remote Controlled Engineering Course

A 9-week curriculum unit for teaching high school students the basics of robotics with TETRIX MAX.

Engineering Design & CAD Engineering Course

Introduce high school students to computer-aided drafting to design projects, including a robotics element. Nine-week curriculum unit.

TETRIX® MAX Engineering Mobile Robotics Teacher's Guide

Seven activities and three challenges using TETRIX MAX to get your student's creative juices going.

A Teacher's Guide to Integrating Simple Machines in Robotics

Provides high school teachers the know-how to teach simple machines and how they are applied to robotics

Free Activity:

Robo Bowling

Online activity for R/C.

Programming Resources


Click here to download the programming blocks for LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3.


Click here to find team resources for the World Robot Olympiad, including programming resources for National Instrument's myRIO.


Arduino Robot Bonanza Book – purchase book to learn how to use the Arduino microprocessor in robotics