This three-wheel robot is ideal for exploring the use of the TETRIX® PRIME angle brackets. Featuring two drive wheels, the TriBot is a highly maneuverable robot thanks to the addition of a TETRIX MAX Omni Wheel Pack.

Fun robots don't always have to have wheels &endash; and the Ball Kicker demonstrates just that. The sonar sensor knows when a ball is coming toward the robot's kicking “leg” and responds by kicking it away. It's a great model for learning a different type of building and programming process. The Ball Kicker incorporates many LEGO parts and pieces along with the TETRIX® MAX Building System.

This simple but highly maneuverable robot features a forklift-type end effector. The Omni Wheel on the back provides great turning for a robot that’s a lot of fun to drive with a remote control and receiver (for the indirect drive version featuring the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® NXT Brick, click here).

This basic four-wheel robot with drive on the two front wheels adds the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® NXT brick and sensors to provide more function. The ultrasonic sensor can judge when the robot is close to an object in front of it to help with obstacle avoidance, and the light sensor helps the robot tell the difference between light and dark to make it ideal for line tracking and other functions.

A basic three-wheel robot, Wheelee Bot utilizes two different servos: one continuous run servo for a drive wheel and one standard servo to provide steering. As an option, a gripper assembly may be added for picking up objects.

The Buggee Bot is a basic rover-type robot. Two continuous-run servos are used for both propulsion and steering. The Buggee Bot can be driven in tank mode or arcade mode. As an option, a gripper assembly utilizing a standard servo may be added for picking up objects from different heights.

Not all robots have wheels! Pickee Bot is a nonmobile pick-and-place robot similar to an industrial robot that might be used in a manufacturing plant. Three servos are used: two standard servos to operate and elevate the gripper and one continuous rotation servo to pivot the gripper.

Little Joe, created by Tim Lankford, incorporates the Gripper Kit on a three-wheeled robot. This build only requires the TETRIX® PRIME Starter Set.

This burly bot was designed by Tim Lankford, Pitsco's Robotic Application Specialist. It incorporates LEGO elements, sensors, and the NXT Programmable Brick. 

This compact robot is a multi-purpose bot that uses a light, sonar, and touch sensor and can pick up an object as well as detector avoid obstacles. Great build to explore the use of sensors.

A compact and maneuverable robot with programmable control and sensors. 

Note: If you prefer to download a PDF of the instructions, click the PDF logo on this step.

This compact little remote-control robot was seen in action at the national NSTA (National Science Teachers Assocation) show in Chicago, IL, in March 2015. Build your own and add some decorative touches like we did at NSTA! Created by Tim Lankford.