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WRO Resources

Welcome, ARC Teams and Organizers!

We’ve created a one-stop shop for all things ARC. Browse our sections below that offer information on the kit of parts, programming tools, and tips and tricks for building a better bot.

WRO ARC Challenge Set Options

There are two set options using the TETRIX® Building System available for ARC teams:

WRO Competition Set features all of the building elements, gears, motors and battery needed to design a competition-ready robot.

WRO Competition Set with myRIO comes with all the building elements featured in the Competition Base Set, plus the NI myRIO Controller and a copy of the LabVIEWTM student edition software.

NI myRIO Programming Resources

The gallery of tools below is intended to aid teams in getting started programming the TETRIX Building System using the myRIO Controller and LabVIEW.

myRIO Getting Started Document: This resource contains a list of the getting started documents and tutorials that have been divided into three categories: Getting started with myRIO Programming; Essentials Guides; and RIO-Architecture.

Programming TETRIX using myRIO and LabVIEW: This document provides guidance on installing the TETRIX myRIO programming tools for LabVIEW and also includes a brief overview of each VI.

LabVIEW files: Install the tools you need to access your LabVIEW files. Note: Requires LabVIEW 2013 or later.

NI myRIO Support Page: Learn more about the myRIO Controller and view the support materials available.

myRIO schematic: View a diagram of the myRIO adapter board.

Building Resources

In our RoboBench videos series, we aim to troubleshoot and provide inspiration for robotics students and enthusiasts everywhere. Below is a collection of videos that feature a variety of building tips and tricks to add to your repertoire.

2017 Competition Robot Design

To aid teams in engineering a robot that fit the criteria for the ARC Tetrastack game for 2017, Tim Lankford, Pitsco Robotics Application Specialist and WRO enthusiast, put together his best suggestions and tips for creating a robot to meet this new challenge. Check out the video below and get inspired.

Additional Resources

Sensor integration: If your team would like to incorporate the use of sensors in your robot design we recommend Grove or Digilent.

Need a copy of the rules of the game? Find them here.

Purchasing Information

Teams in the US and Canada can buy the WRO Competition Set, WRO Competition Set with myRIO, or TETRIX + myRIO Control Board Adapter from this website.


Teams outside the US and Canada can purchase their competition materials from their local TETRIX dealer or can call 620-231-0010 for additional assistance.