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Drive robots remotely or add modules for programmable control
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  • The versatility of the TETRIX® systems supports the use of different controllers
  • With its selection of controllers and support for autonomous controllers, TETRIX encourages a progression from remote control to programmable control
Video: Introduction to TETRIX PRIZM Robotics Controller


This set has everything you need to turn a TETRIX® MAX R/C Robotics Set into a TETRIX MAX Programmable Robotics Set.


The TETRIX® PRIZM® Robotics Controller is a fully integrated, programmable brain for your bot that features a variety of motor, servo, encoder, and sensor ports with convenient connectors that enable you to control your robot's behavior like never before. This controller offers the best of both worlds – a learning tool that is powerful yet easy to use. With PRIZM you can take learning to new heights by creating robots that are smarter, more precise, and as real world as it gets.

The controller is specifically developed for use with the TETRIX MAX building system and comes with programming support for the Arduino Software (IDE), which is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X 10.7 or newer, and Linux devices that have a USB port.

The PRIZM Robotics Controller features:

  • 32 KB flash programmable memory
  • ATmega328P processor with Arduino Optiboot bootloader installed
  • 4 digital sensor ports (D2 can be used as a serial port) and 3 analog sensor ports
  • 1 I2C port, 1 USB programming port, 1 motor controller expansion port, and 2 quadrature encoder input ports
  • 2 high-current DC motor control ports
  • 6 standard control servo ports and 2 continuous rotation (CR) servo ports
  • Battery connection port (additional port used to daisy-chain power to other devices)
  • Programmable Start button (green) and a non-programmable Stop/Reset button (red)


Combine the TETRIX® PRIME building system and LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3 set with the PRIME and EV3 Component Set. Everything you need to connect your LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 set to the TETRIX PRIME robotics system is included.

The TETRIX PRIME EV3 Module enables you to add EV3 programming and sensors to your EV3 and TETRIX PRIME-combined robots to control the speed and position of up to six TETRIX PRIME servo motors and two TETRIX PRIME DC motors. Connecting PRIME and EV3 is a quick and easy with the TETRIX PRIME EV3 Mounting Bracket, which was designed to enable LEGO technic elements to be connected to the TETRIX PRIME building system. With PRIME and EV3, you can create robots that are bigger, stronger, more complex, more real world, and more advanced.

Software blocks and programming examples for EV3 are available for download.


This set has everything you need to turn a TETRIX® PRIME R/C Robotics Set into a TETRIX PRIME Programmable Robotics Set.


TETRIX® PULSE™ is a programmable robotics controller specifically developed for the TETRIX PRIME system that is powerful yet easy to use and, when combined with the TETRIX Ardublockly software and Arduino Software (IDE), can provide an ideal learning tool for teaching graphic or syntax-based coding.

TETRIX Ardublockly is drag-and-drop block-based graphic coding software used to program the PULSE controller. In addition, the PULSE controller can be programmed with a syntax-based coding method using the Arduino Software (IDE) and the PULSE Arduino Library.

The TETRIX PULSE Robotics Controller features the following:

  • 2 DC motor control ports and 6 standard control servo ports
  • 3 digital sensor ports that can be configured as digital input, digital output, or serial communication and 3 analog sensor ports (A1-A3 can be configured as analog input or digital input or output.)
  • 1 I2C port, 1 USB programming port, and 2 quadrature encoder input ports
  • 1 battery connection port
  • 1 power on/off switch
  • 1 programmable Start push button and 1 Stop/Reset push button
  • 3 LED indicators: red, green, and yellow


The Global NiMH Battery Pack Charger is compatible with both the 41135 and 39057 TETRIX® MAX rechargeable battery packs. This charger comes with two detachable plug adapters, one for North America and one for Europe.


Get programmable control while keeping your robot looking clean and tidy.

The TETRIX® Autonomous Mounting Deck features precut holes to make it easy to mount an Arduino or Parallax Basic Stamp programmable controller to a TETRIX robot, as well as the TETRIX DC Motor Speed Controller.

The deck is sized to fit the TETRIX hole pattern spacing so it can be used on a variety of robot designs. Made from 1/8" black acrylic and measures 6.25" x 3.75". Includes screws, nuts, kep nuts, and acrylic spacers for mounting components.

$15.95 $10.95

Attach an R/C receiver and R/C speed controller to the TETRIX® hole pattern. Plastic decks are attached using screws and nuts included in the TETRIX starter sets. Kit includes two plastic mounting decks and a hook-and-loop fastener.