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These 6-32 screws feature a low-profile head – great for areas where moving parts are close to the screw heads. Requires hex keys, sold separately, to tighten and loosen the screws.


This pack offers more than 900 pieces of TETRIX® hardware, perfect for outfitting entire classrooms or robotics competition teams with all the connector spare parts needed for designing robots.


These 6-32 Socket Head Cap Screws connect your robot design. Requires hex keys, sold separately, to tighten and loosen the screws.

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Kep Nuts feature a star washer that locks down on the heavy-duty aluminum structural elements for added strength to any TETRIX® robot design.


Prototyping a TETRIX® robot will never be the same – these rivets make trying out different designs quick and easy. Instead of the tedious tightening of nuts and bolts to assemble a prototype, just pop in these nylon rivets and insert the locking pin. The pin makes the rivet’s end flare out to secure the connection of TETRIX structural elements. And they are easily removed and reused.


Great for a multitude of applications! One 10-foot strip of each material. 3/4" wide.


11" flexible nylon cable ties.


Tube of 500 colorful cable ties for a variety of projects at school, at home, at work, or in the yard. Ties come in a variety of lengths from 4" to 8" and include a screw-on lid for secure storage.


Replacement pivot bearing for all TETRIX® pivot arms and brackets.


Forget those plastic servo horns! This heavy-duty aluminum servo horn lends extra strength to your servo applications.


Ideal for maintaining proper distance between two TETRIX® elements attached on either side of a structural part. The Flat Round Spacer is 2 mm thick – the same wall thickness as TETRIX structural elements.


These lightweight aluminum spacers are exactly half the width of TETRIX® Channels and feature four tapped holes to provide secure 16 mm spacing between TETRIX structural elements. These handy spacers are useful for obtaining proper gear mesh spacing when building geared servo mechanisms and for a variety of other adjustments and attachment needs.


Great for creating space between wheels, gears, and structural elements along the length of a 4.75 mm axle.

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These bearings provide extra support when building mechanisms interact with heavy-duty loads.


These 11 mm long bronze axle bushings are greased to reduce friction.


These 4 mm long bronze bushings are handy for tighter space requirements.

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