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Use these in conjunction with the patented quick rivet pegs (sold separately). The use of the quick rivet connectors and pegs enables rapid assembly and disassembly of structures, so you can quickly try many different designs – a plus for classrooms with minimal time and storage. Plus, this connector also accepts the LEGO® Connector Peg, so it’s simple to attach LEGO components to a PRIME robot. Made of ABS plastic.


These pegs are used to lock Quick Rivets in place, resulting in a secure and tight connection. Each Quick Rivet requires one peg; easily removed and reused. Made of ABS plastic.


These Thumbscrews are used in conjunction with the TETRIX® PRIME Wing Nuts to securely fasten PRIME components.


The TETRIX® PRIME Wing Nut is used with the PRIME Thumbscrew (sold separately) to provide positive fastening of PRIME elements. Made of acetal plastic.


Use these 6-32 Socket Head Cap Screws to secure rotating axle-mounted elements in place. Requires 7/64" hex driver included in the TETRIX® PRIME R/C Robotics Set.


These plastic spacer/bushings are used in conjunction with 6 mm axles to keep your mechanisms and wheels running smoothly. Can also be used as a 2 mm spacer between metal surfaces.


Keep things running smoothly on robots. Sized for the TETRIX® PRIME system, this 8 mm by 6 mm bronze bushing is lightly lubricated to reduce friction on axles.


Use this hub to attach a 6 mm shaft through an aluminum beam to form a pivot. Made of acetal plastic. Requires TETRIX® PRIME Thumbscrews and Socket Head Cap Screws, sold separately.


Set collars are used to hold a rotating axle in horizontal alignment when constructing pivot joints. Made of acetal plastic; requires Socket Head Cap Screws (sold separately).


Attach servos to 6 mm axles using this shaft hub. Made of durable acetal plastic.