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Make an extended axle without a hitch – just use this coupler to connect two axle shafts together.


Motor and axle shafts might be different sizes, but they can connect with ease using this coupler: one side fits the motor shaft while the other side fits the axle shaft.


Used to attach gears and wheels to axles and axles to structural elements. Features heavy-duty aluminum construction.


This pack offers more than 100 TETRIX® motion elements recommended for use with an assortment of gears and wheels. Perfect for outfitting entire classrooms or robotics competition teams with all the hub and axle spare parts needed for getting robots running smoothly.


  • Variety of axles in every length and diameter offered
  • Assortment of spacers, bushings, hubs, couplers, and set collars


TETRIX® MAX Axle Set Collars lock a rotating axle to secure the horizontal alignment.


Set collars are used to hold a rotating axle in horizontal alignment when constructing pivot joints. Made of acetal plastic; requires Socket Head Cap Screws (sold separately).


Provides consistent spacing between wheels and gears. Includes four cap screws for each spacer.


Great for creating space between wheels, gears, and structural elements along the length of a 4.75 mm axle.

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These 11 mm long bronze axle bushings are greased to reduce friction.


These 4 mm long bronze bushings are handy for tighter space requirements.


Keep things running smoothly on robots. Sized for the TETRIX® PRIME system, this 8 mm by 6 mm bronze bushing is lightly lubricated to reduce friction on axles.


Securely connects the TETRIX® All-Terrain Tire to the 12-volt DC motor. Features the industry-standard 12 mm hex pattern.


Connects the TETRIX® All-Terrain Tire to a TETRIX Axle. Features the industry-standard 12 mm hex pattern.