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An increased number of attachment holes makes this two-piece DC motor mount more flexible – mount a motor between or alongside channels as well as on top of them.


Keeping spare motors on hand is always a good idea. We’ve made stocking up on these critical elements easy with this bulk pack.

$135.00 $105.00

Attaches the DC Drive Motor to your robot. Includes the TETRIX® MAX Motor Mount, two kep nuts, and two cap screws.


This motor controller connects to the PRIZM® expansion port, enabling users to control up to two additional 12-volt DC motors. Up to four motor controllers can be connected to the PRIZM expansion port. There are two H-bridge outputs to control the speed and direction of two DC motors and two quadrature encoder input ports. Additional power and expansion ports support daisy-chain configurations.

Supported programming languages include Arduino and EV3. The motor controller can be connected to the LEGO® EV3 Brick. Software blocks can be downloaded from the Resources tab below.


Take control of your TETRIX® DC motors – this controller plugs into your TETRIX wireless gamepad receiver to enable you to control the speed and direction of two TETRIX 12-volt DC motors.


This cable attaches the 12-volt DC motor to the power source. It also connects to the R/C motor controller (42073).

$1.95 $1.00

A 100 mm adapter cable for the TorqueNADO™ Motor and TETRIX® MAX R/C Motor Controller. Connects to the screw terminals of the TETRIX MAX R/C Motor Controller and the Powerpole cable of the TorqueNADO so they can be used together.


The TETRIX® Powerpole Extension Cable extends the length available for creating connections to TETRIX DC motors and battery. Each cable is 18" long and comes equipped with Powerpole connectors on both ends. Users can connect multiple cables together to create longer lengths.


Attach wheels and gears to motor shafts with these hubs. Each hub comes with a screw and is made of heavy-duty aluminum.


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