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  • PRIME Beams can be joined with 60- and 90-degree brackets as well as a Tee Beam Bracket and various internal connectors
  • MAX constructions hold together so well due to the quality aluminum construction, including a variety of aluminum brackets and connectors
  • Both systems feature servo mounting hardware: PRIME has an acetal plastic mounting bracket and shaft servo hubs while MAX several aluminum options including pivot arm, dual and single servo, front mount, and other brackets
Video: Mounting servos on your robots


Want to connect a TETRIX® MAX robot to LEGO® elements? It’s not a problem with this TETRIX Hard Point Connector that was designed to enable LEGO Technic elements to be connected to the TETRIX MAX building system.


Two-sided brackets fit the outside of TETRIX® Channels and can be used to bookend a channel to secure it to another structural element.


These slotted corner brackets allow the structural elements to be connected at varying angles to modify and customize builds.


Brackets with 90-degree angles connect structural elements. Made of heavy-duty aluminum.


Structural elements can be connected at varying angles with these slotted flat brackets.


Perfect for connecting structural elements or for creating a servo leverage arm. Made of heavy-duty aluminum.


A three-sided bracket that fits inside TETRIX® Channels? You bet! This connector helps to create perpendicular joints when space is tight. It can be placed facing out of the end or the open side of a channel. The connector is very strong as it attaches to two sides of the structural element.


Extremely versatile, the aluminum TETRIX® Tubing Anchor Block makes it easy to connect TETRIX structural elements, Brackets, and Motor Mounts to TETRIX tubing.


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