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This cable attaches the 12-volt DC motor to the power source. It also connects to the R/C motor controller (42073).

$1.95 $1.00

The TETRIX® MAX Motor Power Cable features Anderson Powerpole Connectors and attaches the 12-volt DC motor to their power source. The cable is 18" in length and is used to connect the motors to the TETRIX® PRIZM® Robotics Controller (43000).


The TETRIX® Powerpole Extension Cable extends the length available for creating connections to TETRIX DC motors and battery. Each cable is 18" long and comes equipped with Powerpole connectors on both ends. Users can connect multiple cables together to create longer lengths.


A 100 mm adapter cable for the TorqueNADO™ Motor and TETRIX® MAX R/C Motor Controller. Connects to the screw terminals of the TETRIX MAX R/C Motor Controller and the Powerpole cable of the TorqueNADO so they can be used together.


Redesigned for improved performance, this motor can handle more heat buildup and now has tougher coil protection and a harder steel alloy to prevent gear stripping. Twelve-volt DC motor features 152 rpm and 320 oz-in. of torque. 

$24.95 $15.50

This module is designed to work with LEGO® EV3 Brick. It enables you to add programming and sensors to your TETRIX® PRIME robots. You can control the speed and position of up to six TETRIX PRIME servo motors and two TETRIX PRIME DC motors. The module is powered by the TETRIX PRIME 6-volt battery. Software blocks and programming examples for EV3 are available for download.


Give your servo a little more room to roam with this extension.


For connecting two servos to one channel.


The Sensor Extension Cable extends the length available for creating connections from the TETRIX® PRIZM™ Robotics Controller to a sensor. Each cable is 30 cm long.


Tube of 500 colorful cable ties for a variety of projects at school, at home, at work, or in the yard. Ties come in a variety of lengths from 4" to 8" and include a screw-on lid for secure storage.


11" flexible nylon cable ties.