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TETRIX Tank Tread: Taking robots into new territory
Chain links for robotic tank tread
Conveyor paddles add versatility to your robotic creations
Rubber inserts give your robot traction
All the pieces you need to make your robot crawl anywhere
  • Tread distribute weight more evenly than wheels, which is helpful on rough terrain or unstable ground
  • Comes as a kit but you can also get extra chain lengths for custom tread lengths
  • Use these with conveyor paddles to make conveyor mechanisms on manufacturing-type robots; rubber inserts provide extra grip
Video: Applying tank treads


Tank treads distribute weight more evenly than wheels, giving robots the traction needed to cover rough terrain or unstable ground such as sand. The treads can also be used to create conveyor belts. This kit provides everything needed to add up to 6.5 feet of tank tread to your robot. TETRIX® Chain Links are made of highly durable acetal and snap together and apart with ease.

This high-value kit includes not only the tank tread parts but also all of the extra TETRIX parts required to attach the treads to a robot, requiring no additional parts from the TETRIX Base Set.


Get extra grip with these rubber inserts – their T-shaped ends slide into the TETRIX® Tank Tread Chain Links for a secure fit.


Nylon paddles feature T-shaped ends that slide into the TETRIX® Tank Tread Chain Links to create conveyor-type mechanisms. With the TETRIX hole pattern, you can build scoops, levers, and other devices right on the paddles using standard TETRIX parts. Each paddle is 50 mm x 40 mm.


Providing rolling support for tank treads, these idler wheels can be used with standard TETRIX® parts.


These sprockets are the drive system for tank treads. They can be attached to TETRIX® DC Motors, motor hubs, and servos. Each sprocket has 20 teeth.


When you need longer tank treads, this pack will provide the extra length with the same snap-together TETRIX® chain links as in the Tank Tread Kit. Package of 100 chain links creates up to 3.25 feet of tread.


Turns your tank tread into a conveyor belt system.


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