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  • Both MAX and PRIME’s standard wheels are made from sturdy plastic and have rubber tires that can be added to increase traction
  • MAX’s Omni Wheel provides ultimate maneuverability by being able to move forward and laterally – and comes in two sizes
  • All-Terrain Tires take MAX robots off the road – these monster truck style tires provide extra grip for climbing or going over uneven surfaces
  • MAX Axles are precision ground; both systems’ axles are D-shaped and can be used with the other system with the correct bronze bushing
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This pack offers a comprehensive assortment of wheels available in the TETRIX® MAX building system. Featuring 38 total elements, this parts pack enables students to get their robots moving in style.


Add some mobility to your TETRIX® robot with these wheels that come in two sizes.

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From $7.95

With the use of 10 rollers, these wheels have the ability to drive forward and laterally. Available in 3" and 4" sizes.

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From $19.99

Ready to make the sickest robot on the playing field? Add these tires so robots have a better grip for climbing or taking on uneven or rough surfaces – and get a monster-truck look at the same time! The tire tread has a little squish factor to help it grab surfaces.

Includes a nylon rim, foam insert, TETRIX® all-terrain axle hub, TETRIX all-terrain motor hub, and mounting hardware.


Get those TETRIX® PRIME robots rolling with these 90 mm wheels made of sturdy acetal with a built-in hub. A rubber tire is included for better traction. Fits 6 mm steel axles and secures with 6-32 screw included in TETRIX PRIME sets or sold separately.


The ball skid makes a great low-friction contact point for differential-drive robots when an omni-wheel or pivoting caster wheel might not be an option.


Attach wheels and gears with these precision-ground axles. Available in 100 mm and 250 mm lengths.

Note: MAX axles do not work with PRIME wheels, gears, or other PRIME parts used with PRIME axles.

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From $15.95

Attach wheels and gears with the added strength and durability of a 6 mm axle. Available in 100 mm length.

Note: The TETRIX® MAX Motor Hub (39079) is required to use 6 mm axles with MAX wheels or gears. 6 mm axles do not work with components designed for 4.7 mm axles.


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